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How do I find out what videos the UCRC owns?

The best way is to use the searchable database on this website. In the menu above, you will see a clickable button titled Resource Catalog. Place your cursor arrow over that button and click! If you are having trouble finding what you need, please feel free to call or email the UCRC and we will do our best to help.

Can I do a subject search on the website to find a video on that subject?

Absolutely. When you are looking at the Resource Catalog, you will see the word Title as the default search option. If you click the down arrow to the right of Title, other search options will appear, including a Subject Search. Click on your desired search option (Title, Subject, Description, Distributor and Free Search) and then enter your desired subject word in the open field to the right.

What subject matter is included in the UCRC library?

We have a diverse collection of videos/dvds available for small group, church, and individual studies. A brief glance at our shelves show programs on: Bible studies (from traditional studies to those using vintage, popular television programs such as the Beverly Hillbillies), grace, death and dying, forgiveness, teen sexuality, drugs, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, group dynamics, women, African-Americans, social protest, the Holy Land, wealth, silence, stewardship, conflict resolution, animated children's Bible stories, Christmas and Easter programming and.... Please take a look at our online Resource Catalog for more ideas!

How much does it cost to rent a video/dvd?

$6 per video/dvd or $12 for a series (of 2 or more videos/dvds). These costs are the same even if you are using a six week series and keep the video/dvd for 6 weeks.

How long can we keep a video/dvd?

Generally, the video/dvd needs to be returned asap after your showing date because another church may be waiting for it. (This is especially the case for new and/or popular videos/dvds and during Lent and Advent.) In the case of several-week series, however, you will generally receive the entire series at once and can return the entire series when you are done with the program. If another church requests the first section of the series when you have finished watching them, we will request that you return those items first.

How are the videos/dvds sent to the church?

We use United States Postal Service Media Mail or Priority Mail to ship to you. Media Mail costs far less than Priority Mail, but does take longer for shipment (7-10 days versus 2-3 days for priority mail). If your event is fast approaching, you may wish to request Priority Mail. Please note: the shipping choice is entirely yours, since you pay for postage costs.

How do we pay for rental?

An invoice will be included with your rental. Please pay within thirty (30) days.

Can we preview the video/dvd first? Do we have to pay to preview the video/dvd?

You can request that the video/dvd be sent to you for preview or you may visit the UCRC. There is no charge for previewing.

Can I visit the UCRC to preview videos/dvds?

Yes. The UCRC is generally open Monday--Friday, 8am to 4pm. Please call ahead to ensure staff availability.

What is the best way to request a video/dvd rental?

You may request a video in several ways.
1. Complete the request form on the Resource Catalog's searchable database. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please call us.
2. Call or email the UCRC and make the request.

Why rent from the UCRC and not our local video store?

The videos you rent from the UCRC have public performance rights. Therefore, they may be used in a public setting (such as a church building) as long as no fees are charged for their viewing. Unless video recordings are sold or rented explicitly with public performance rights, the law considers them for 'home use only' and they should be used only for unadvertized private showings in the home.